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To the right are products that we currently sell as Lighting detail kits. The difficult work has been completed for the N modeler. The warning sign (above left) comes with the beacon simulator (Ngineering part # N8032)  and the modeled sign with the hooded warning amber led ready to be installed in your scenery. Four solder connections on the simulator board and power connections complete the "Action Sign." This kit is priced at $24.95. The signal ahead sign can be changed out for the modelers preferences. Click on the photo for the video of the flashing sign. Al the videos were shot in full room lighting.

New for 2012 is our N scale Goose Neck Light  designed for building and wall applications. Very compact but the incandescent Nano LED can illuminate the back porch and surrounding area. This model is made as a wall mount and can be mounted above a back door or building wall. Photo shows product mounted on a DPM building back entrance. Our sister product (not shown) is a  goose neck light that has a dim cast to the light created by using a yellow LED. The product number is DTD GNW dim and is economically priced at 12.95.

For 2014, we made a similar Goose neck light with an 18 scale inch shade. It  is priced below as a new product at 14.95.

The  N FREDs that we produce have been well received by the N modelers. The FRED has a red nano LED mounted in the case. Details  include reflective red stripe and antennae on each FRED. As a service to our N modelers, we install  low power, track powered FREDs.  Listed below are the FREDS only for purchasing separately if our customers want to install their own electronics for the FRED. We now have install kits for those who want to wire their car for track powered applications. The part number is DTD IN EOTK. The kit supplies 1 power source chip , 1 EOT flasher Simulator chip (PN 8040A), and 1-1000mf electrolytic capacitor , wire  for wrapping axles for pick up. Metal wheels are not included  because of the many choices available. We can advise according to truck frame types and track conditions. This circuit will work well for DC and DCC systems providing you don't exceed 12 volts.  For those modelers who wish to have a EOT, FRED, or SBU (Canadian Version) installed on their end car, we can quote a price if you e-mail us and tell us the application of your project. Click on  FRED photo to view video of the effect.

We now  offer wired Campfire / Fireplace Simulators. The delicate electronic work is complete so all the modeler has a power connection to start the "fire." The two amber micro LEDS provide excellent illumination for Z  through HO. Input voltage can be from 6 to 18 volts DC and will affect brightness of the fire. By lowering the input voltage, the modeler can make the fire die down and go
out ! This  product is priced at 24.95. The scene at the fire pit or fireplace is left for the modeler to complete. I completed a Hobo Camp using Woodland Scenics® Scenic Accents Hobos A2138 with scrap parts and scenery in one evening. Click on any part of the picture to view the effect.


Now pictured are our Beacons for Locos. We wire and assemble a yellow nano LED with 6 inches of magnet wire. The device is mounted on end, encapsulated
 with clear Gallery Glass by Plaid® and has a .050 tubing for support. The beacon is painted with Clear-orange Acrylic Paint and looks good in the off position shown in the first photo. The part number is DTD BEACON-AN and is priced at $9.95.  As one can see from the picture below, the yellow Nano LED is very intense when lit. For DCC modelers that have additional functions on their locos, they may choose to wire the beacon and have the decoder flash the beacon. This beacon is a 20 ma led, so do not forget the resistor to limit current powering the beacon. If you like a slow blink you may power the beacon with Ngineering's N8032 Beacon simulator at 12.95 ea. With the simulator installed, you won't need a limiting resistor for the application. We have a large stock for our customers for their beacon applications.

We also produce this beacon as a red version, part number DTD BEACON-RN  for early era police cars or emergency vehicles.  Added recently, our orange beacons are for that loco that has been working for years and have plenty of dirt and exhaust on the lense. The light is very orange and not like the amber at all. Our Blue beacons are for emergency vehicles that can be combined with the red versions.

New this year are our white strobes which have many applications.

Coming Soon: Unmarked Police Car with red, blue LEDs and flashing headlights.

Also: New for 2017, several new lighting assemblies added below in the product box that are not discussed in text above. New part numbers are
also in bold  below.





  Part Number      
Description Directions Price Cart
DTD BEACON-AN N Amber Beacon with Nano LED  Directions $9.95  
DTD BEACON-RN N Red beacon with Nano LED $9.95  
DTD BEA-ON N Orange Beacon with Nano LED   9.95  
DTD BEA-BN N Blue Beacon with Nano LED   9.95  
DTD BEA-WN N White beacon with Nano LED   10.95  
PN 8032 Beacon Simulator for LED   $12.95  
DTD 1003 Unmarked Police Car with LEDs   $69.95  
DTD WSK Warning Sign Kit   $24.95  
DTD AWC Wired Arc Welder Simulation   $29.95  
DTD CF-WM Wired Campfire Simulator   $24.95  
DTD GWC Wired Gas Welder Simulation $29.95  
DTD FWB Wired Wired Wigwam Burner   $26.95  
DTD TVF Wired Television Simulator   $24.95  
DTD GNW N Gooseneck Light- Wall mount-12 " Shade   $16.95  
DTD 18GNW N Gooseneck Light- Wall mount-18 " Shade   $16.95  
DTD GNW Dim N Gooseneck Light- with yellow LED   $13.95  
DTD EOT Y N FRED w/ red led, yellow case   $16.95  
DTD EOT O N FRED w/ red led, orange case   $16.95  
DTD EOT S N FRED w/ red led, silver case case   $16.95  
DTD EOT W N FRED w/ red led, white case   $16.95  
PN 8040A Low Power FRED Simulator   $12.95  
DTD IN EOTK Install Kit for EOT track powered   $24.95  


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