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                     500-652  LUMBER DIRECTIONS




Very carefully, remove the protective foam from the bottom of the load. For non-permanent mounting to the flat car try Moveable Miniatures Glue or white glue in 3 or 4 spots on the bottom of the load. Prototypical loads have 2 X 4's or 2 X 6's nailed to the wide stickers on the base of the load with large 4 Xs in the stake pockets. To model this feature, glue scale 2 X 4 or 2 X 6s the length of the load on both sides. Then take those stakes that come with your scale model flatcar and trim them to about 2 feet and mount them in the stake pockets about every other hole. The load should now be fairly snug between the pockets. With this method glue is not needed for securing to the car and can be loaded and unloaded for operations
















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