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                   Z SCALE YARD LUMBER KITS


Our Z scale Lumber kits are available in three different size units. Shown above is the 12ft Lumber kit with 24 units and dunnage painted and assembled on a base. The heights of the units are about 30 scale inches tall. Kits can be mixed and matched to form bigger lumber yards. The 8ft kit has 36 units of lumber and would be a good beginning for a Stud Lumber Mill. At $12.95 per kit, this is an inexpensive kit for our Z scale modelers and is easy to assemble. The coin in the picture shows relative size of piles and yard. Paint, glue, and modelers knife needed to complete kit with a possible Optivisor   thrown in for us older modelers. Base and dime also not included.


Item Description Price Cart
DZD 300-8 Yard Lumber Kit  8'units x 36 pcs. $16.95  
DZD 300-12 Yard Lumber Kit 12' units x 24 pcs. $15.95  
DZD 300-16 Yard lumber Kit 16' units x 18 pcs. $14.95  












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