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                     N SCALE YARD LUMBER KITS

Details N Scale's  N Yard lumber kits are constructed of real wood for the realistic appearance. Kits are available in three sets of 8ft,
 12ft, and 16ft units. In our N Scale Yard Lumber Kits, heights of the units are double heights for large appearance.  Kits are average price, but have 288 lineal feet of units. (24 X12ft units, 36 X 8ft units, 18 X 16ft units ) Dunnage (2X4's) is provided in the kit for assembly.
We now have random height lumber kits for variety for piles. The price is the same as our 8, 12, and 16 foot kits, but with 3 different heights as our lumber loads are made. The part numbers have a "R" after the part number to indicate random heights for your lumber piles.
 Paint, glue, and modelers knife are needed for completing the yard model. Adding our Banding Thread, (DTD CBA , DTD CBO)
modelers can super detail their lumber units with the scale banding thread. See the Miscellaneous Products Page for details.

Our Plywood Detail Kit, (part number DTD 350 20) consists of 20 units of plywood with dunnage and banding for model lumber yards.














Details N Scale 2016

Item Description Price Cart
DTD 300-8 Yard Lumber Kit  8'units x 36 pcs. $16.95  
DTD 300-12 Yard Lumber Kit 12' units x 24 pcs. $15.95  
DTD 300-16 Yard lumber Kit 16' units x 18 pcs. $14.95  
DTD 300-8R Yard Lumber Kit  8'units x 36 pcs. Random Heights $16.95  
DTD 300-12R Yard lumber Kit 12' units x 24 pcs. Random Heights $15.95  
DTD 300-16R Yard lumber Kit 16' units x 18 pcs. Random Heights $14.95  
DTD 350 20 Plywood Detail Kit 20 4X8 units $19.95