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                             N SCALE LOG LOADS

Log loads by Details N Scale are built for  the Walther's   N 45' log flat cars. The logs are " cabled " together by three wraps. Logs are generally first growth in size with details all over the load. The ends  and the scraped sides are colored to show the wood oxidation from fresh cutting. Length of logs vary from 38' to 45' long. These logs are real wood hand picked for realistic bark detail. DTD 900 W is a weighted pair of loads with a lead log buried low into the load for stability. Cautions should be noted because of the lead content in this product.  The "L" version contains no lead and are much lighter. DTD 900 SGF are loads of second growth Fir or Hemlock and have smaller diameter logs with the orange or oxidized look. The SGP is also second growth but is modeled to look like White Pine. A packet of shavings are included for detailing out your empty log cars and instructions included for application. When you have these loads in your log train, you will never have a duplicate load like the "plastic" loads of others. We will build custom log  orders for other applications if needed. E-mail us for a quote.

From our Log family, we have added a new log product that will fit many different modeling applications. The part number is DTD 901 LD listed below. This package also contains shavings for the modeler to use for more detailing. The Logs vary in diameter and length from 38ft to 45ft. Logs can be "oranged up" with paint to give the oxidized look. Logs can be glued together for permanent loads or loaded loosely in the bunks of the cars for "Live Loads."

Our latest offering of Log Loads are designed to fit GHQ's two log truck models. These pewter  models are rated to be
some of the best detailed in N scale and our load will enhance the look of the model. DTD 902 GHQ is detailed and
painted for a Fir or Hemlock load that has the orange look to it. DTD 903 GHQ  looks more like the Yellow Pine and
are now available. A picture will be online soon.




Item Description Price  
DTD 900 W  Log Loads, weighted, 2 per pkg. Large Logs $18.95   
DTD 900 L Log Loads, 2 per pkg. Large Logs $16.95  
DTD 900 SGF Log Loads 2 per pkg. Small Fir Logs $22.95  
DTD 900 SGP Log Loads, 2 per pkg. Small Pine Logs $20.95  
DTD  901 LD  15 Loose Logs Detailed varied sizes $15.95  
DTD 902 GHQ 1 Log Truck Load for GHQ Trucks (fir, Hemlock) $8.95  
DTD 903 GHQ 1 Log Truck Load for GHQ Trucks (Pine) $8.95  



Pictured above DTD 900 SGF Log Loads  (Second growth Fir Logs)

Details N Scale 2016


Pictured above DTD 900 SGP Log Loads  (Second growth Pine Logs)

Pictured above DTD 902 GHQ Log Load for the GHQ Log Trucks  (Fir Logs)