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                          HO SCALE LOG STUMPS


Our newest scenery product now available is the HO Tree Stumps. The package comes with 16 assorted tree stumps with straight and angled bases. Most all have staggered butt cuts. The stumps are not castings and have a variety of shapes and sizes. The stumps have at least two root stems at the base of the trunk. The tree trunks are large for HO Scale and are considered First Growth timber. They could be modeled as large broad leaf trees that were cut down. Diameter measurements are from 30 scale inches up to 5 scale feet for our HO Modelers. Instructions included with each package of stumps and priced at $12.95. For second growth stumps, we have smaller stumps available as our N scale version, part number DTD 905 FGTS. Click Here to go to N tree Stumps









Details N Scale 2016

Item Price
DHD  905-FGTS $15.95