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                       HO SCALE LOG POND LOGS

Our HO scale Log Pond Logs have many applications for our modelers. Measuring a scale 3 to 4ft diameter logs, these old growth models are loaded with bark detail. As noted before in this site, our logs are taken from nature, culled and cut for various lengths ranging from 30 to 40 scale feet. 20 split logs make up the package with modelers preference on scars and age of logs modeled. Mill scenes, log ponds, river rafts, single floating logs are just a few of ideas for scenes for your model world. The logs are machine split for smooth application to your river or pond. Our N scale line also produces a smaller version of the above specs., so our HO modelers may want smaller diameter and length for their scenes. Check out the N Pond Logs page for further info. This HO product is DHD 905 SL priced at 12.95 per package.

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Directions DHD  905 SL $12.95












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