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Shown to the right is our HO scale FRED installed on a Walthers® 73ft  Centerbeam Lumber car. The FREDS are available with yellow, silver, orange, and white cases.

 The FRED is available as shown, but the electronics to operate the FRED is available separately. To view  the effect, Click on any part of either picture for the video. These videos were taken with full room lighting with no enhancements.  As a service to our HO modelers, we install  low power, track powered FREDS.  Listed below are the FREDS only for purchasing separately if our customers want to install their own electronics for the FRED.

For those modelers who wish to have a EOT or FRED  installed on their HO car, we can quote a price if you e-mail us and tell us the application of your project.

Item Description Price
DHD EOT Y HO FRED w/ red led, yellow case $15.95
DHD EOT S HO FRED w/ red led, silver case case $15.95
DHD EOT W .HO FRED w/ red led, white case $15.95
DHD EOT O HO FRED w/ red led, orange case $15.95
H 18GNW HO Gooseneck Light,18 shade, Incan 18.95
H 18GNW-y HO Gooseneck Light,18 shade, YW 18.95
H AMB HO Amber Micro Beacon, LED 10.95
H OMB HO Orange Micro Beacon, LED 10.95






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Here is a project we completed for an HO modeler. The model is  an
Athearn® Observation car. Four lenses were created for side marker
lamps with nano LEDs and Gallery Glass by Plaid®. The rear light was
drilled out to install a micro led and project was completed with track
pick ups. Capacitance was added for flicker free lighting.